Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Back to School

Our school "room:" a hand-me-down little tikes workbench is the perfect desk. It has a groove that holds the magnetic white board we'll use for his magnet letters. To the left is a four-drawer Sterilite bin, picked-up at Wal-mart for $9. Not pictured is his "diesel" (easel) and my teacher storage space.
The oldest three are off to school, but Little Nephi and I have plans . . . at least, I do. My mother's advice was that, since he's an easygoing child, we'll be most successful with an easygoing preschool curriculum.
The bin system worked well with Mia last year for preschool, so I'm using that. Instead of 9 bins like I had with her, there are just the four drawers, plus space for library books. We plan to do preschool only three days a week (after all--he's not quite three himself).
I hope to keep you well-posted with our exciting school year!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunday Thought: Motherhood

. . . the value women place on motherhood in this life and the attributes of motherhood they attain here will rise with them in the Resurrection. . . . There is eternal influence and power in motherhood.
~Julie B. Beck, "Mothers Who Know"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Okay, so I've been so busy living summer that I've gotten behind on blogging. Apparently a month behind.
The sugar cookie crust fruit pizza flag was delicious. I'm starting to relax better with our group activities. A few years ago, the blueberry stripes might have bothered me. Now, I think it's cute.

For Family Home Evening early in July, we did a patriotic art project. First we attempted the Lady Liberty Art Lesson from Deep Space Sparkle, but the younger ones were intimidated with drawing the Statue of Liberty (I should have told them to draw a stick figure with a spiky crown).

Then we salvaged the lesson. We drew "fireworks" with crayons on paper, then gave them a puddle of blue watercolor paint to spread over the paper. Mia and Dash dove straight in.