Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cooking with Kids

And it came to pass that our family night treat was exceedingly sweet.
As a time-consuming practical life activity, sometimes I let my children help me make the treat for family home evening (I'm better at planning treats than lessons). At a young age, they can pour pre-measured dry ingredients, mostly into the mixing bowl. I usually stay in a rut with that activity for a while.
Mia was excited to put "her" cookies on the little toaster oven sheet. I insisted that only an adult got to put it in the big oven. After the sheet had cooled to the touch, I let her use a little spatula to transfer the cookies to a little cooling rack. She loved it ! Little Nephi, however, was jealous that we didn't have a second set of small bakeware. I let him use the big spatula and cooling rack, which he quite enjoyed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Sorting Cars by Color

Little Nephi loves his cars. He often spends his quiet time parking them. Trying to think like a 2 year old, I came up with a car color sorting activity. I gathered two colors of vehicles, then put two color "mats" on the floor. He has done other color sorting activities before. I put the supplies in front of him, then just told him to sort by color. I was surprised that he didn't need further guidance in parking his cars. As you can see below, he really enjoyed himself.