Monday, October 10, 2011

Kids' Quotes

Little Nephi has been thinking things through. The other day he informed us, "We have two suns. One in our sky and one in outer space."

This morning, over breakfast, he commented, "They forgot to put sugar in lemons."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Flying with Children

This past summer we flew cross-country. Round-trip. The first time I flew alone with our four children and discovered how many strangers will take pity on an overloaded Mom flying alone--offers to watch our things while I took kids to the bathroom, or help me get to my terminal. The help I most appreciated? When Little Nephi, wearing his overstuffed backpack, fell backwards on the escalator. He was laying there, like a helpless turtle on a soft shell, and I was just out of reach, balancing the stroller on two wheels so we could make it up the escalator. The man in front of him came down to help him up.
By the time we flew home, Dad had joined us, and learned how long the day is when you're strapped in a seat next to four antsy little ones.
Useful things we learned:
Window seats are good.