Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lego to See the Temple

Seattle Temple with fountain and red car.
This might be a good activity to keep hands busy while listening to LDS General Conference at home this weekend.
I've seen elaborate lego temples before, but we only have a handful of white bricks, and I was building with a five year old, not a ten year old. This is what we came up with.  Those are extra small figures from the Lego Harry Potter Game (hey, gray suits and ties!), and please tell me you can tell that's a fountain out front. And a red car.
Specs: The base of the temple is 2x8; Those dimensions go 6 layers up, then center 2 layers of 2x4 bricks, then center 1 layer of 2x2 brick. The next lego is a specialty brick, a thin 1x2 plate that goes over two pegs, but on top has one centered bump up. Onto that plate, stack 3 layers of white 1x1 bricks, then add one yellow 1x1 to imply the Angel Moroni statue.
We added a covered entry by putting a 1x8 brick on stilts.
M. added green bushes, and we used colorful "caps" for the foundation flowers.

For a list of creative Book of Mormon or Old Testament Lego Ideas, please see my post: October 2015 General Conference Plan.


  1. OH MY! This is so great! I'll feature this tomorrow!

  2. Great idea for younger kids. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love this for my lego-building boys! I'm going to print off pictures of our temple in Sacramento and the St. Louis Temple where we were sealed to see if they can build them!

  4. I'd love to see photos of what they come up with!

  5. If you have a LEGO store in your town you can buy bulk bricks in single colors

  6. My boys love LEGOS thank you so much for this activity :)

  7. Printed this off - my grandson LOVES Legos and he will have a blast trying to copy. He is 4 years old.