Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fairy Stone: Day 4

Iron Mine Trail
It took some coaxing to get the kids to agree to go on another hike. I guess they were a bit traumatized by the three hour experience on Tuesday. I promised that the Iron Mine Trail was much, much shorter. It was.
We saw the old entrance to the mine.

One of the overlooks provided a view of Fairy Stone Lake, including the beach.

Water Activities
That afternoon, we canoed across Fairy Stone Lake to the Spillway and Dam. They were much smaller than dams I'm used to, but since we were canoeing up to them, that was a good thing. 
Cory was in one canoe, with T and S. In my canoe, K sat up front to help paddle. M sat low in the canoe with Baby Q, and succeeded in putting him to sleep.

 After canoeing for an hour, we were ready to enjoy the beach. The shallow area had a lot of anchored-down floating things, like this lily pad that M and Baby Q are on.
 Camp Cooking
The cabins at Fairy Stone have outdoor grills and picnic tables, but no fire pits.
We did foil dinners in the grill one night. The coconut curry pork was amazing.
Thursday night the kids were asking for dessert. I asked Cory to toast marshmallows with his blow torch. We floated them on hot chocolate.

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