Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sunday Thoughts: Mountains of the Lord

I taught the Gospel Doctrine class in my ward today. We were discussing some of the Isaiah chapters that are also in The Book of Mormon. We discussed Isaiah's reference to the temple as "the mountain of the Lord." Since a number of the class members, as well as myself, had made the journey to and from our temple already this weekend (it's a minimum of 3 hours one way), I chose to spend a lot of the lesson time on this part.
In ancient times, prophets often went up into the mountains to pray and receive revelation from God, like when Moses got the ten commandments on Mount Sinai.

Our class discussion was, "How are temples mountains of the Lord?"
These are some of the thoughts we shared with each other:

  • LDS temples are often built up on a hill, if not an actual mountain
  • It takes effort to climb a mountain. It may take a physical effort to get to a temple (ours is 3+ hours away), and it also takes effort to "condition yourself" spiritually to get there
  • Temples often are lights on the hills they are on; also, by being temple worthy, we can be lights for the world (or at least, our community)

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