Friday, April 26, 2013

Trust on Two Wheels

Notice the look of terror on her face.
I think whomever coined the phrase "as easy as riding a bike" never taught reluctant kids to do it. We took M.'s training wheels off last summer. She was doing beautifully. Unfortunately, she wore shorts that day, so when she took the inevitable little crash, she had a lightly skinned knee. Traumatized, she ordered her training wheels back on.
Well, enough is enough. We have 3 kids to get off of training wheels, and since hers got bent out of shape anyway, she gets to be the first.
Cory, who taught himself how to ride a bike, thinks everyone should be able to do it that way. After all, it worked for T., who took off his own training wheels one morning about 2 years ago.
After the first afternoon, it has been my job to jog along with her. She will only go if I promise not to let go. Still, practice makes perfect. She is slowly getting over her fear of 2-wheeling it. She has learned how to mount her bike and start the peddles going, and finally realized she can tip-toe along the pavement while in her seat.
I'm hoping it only takes a couple more practice sessions before she's on her own . . . this time for good.

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