Tuesday, September 13, 2016

General Women's Session Coloring Journal for September 2016: Free Printable

2017 Update
With changes to two of the presidencies, this old journal is now outdated. Click here to see the new one. It's a fold-in-half book, which is easier to manage on laps or on hymnbooks. Just be sure to print it double-sided with short-edge binding!

With updated conference quotes, the new Primary Presidency, and a fall-themed cover, the General Women's Session Coloring Journal for September 2016 is now printable!
I finished my daughter's Coloring Journal much earlier this time around, which is good, since the Women's Session is so early this month (September 24th).
Please feel free to print and share this for anyone who will get more out of the session if they're allowed a few coloring supplies.

Click here to print the Coloring Journal. (Sorry, Google Docs wouldn't let me embed the file right in the blog post this time. Arrgh. Every time you get used to a new technology, they change it.)

A fun coloring hint: when the new Primary Presidency got together for their press photos, they each wore a primary color. Color their tops red, yellow, and blue.
Illustration Note: As the various presidencies were unavailable to sit for portraits, I have based (and, ahem, somewhat traced) their images off of press photos as found in the Mormon newsroom. Not as professional as, say, my cover image which came from drawing my daughter up an oak tree, but the best I could do under the circumstances.

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  1. Thank you so much for this fun packet! I'm hopeful this coloring book will make the broadcast a little more enjoyable for my daughter.