Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Little Friend: Laminated

For sometime now I've had the idea to laminate a few pages from The Little Friend, which I could put on Q's bookshelf or even in his Sunday bag. I finally did it.

I cut several pages out from July's The Little Friend, about a 1/8-1/4" from the staples. As it is only a few pages and I left a bit of paper around the staples, it doesn't affect the rest of the magazine.
I asked my 11-year old daughter if she would color the coloring page, which she willingly did. I chose not to use every page in available, so I shifted some things around, and the coloring page became the cover page.
I laminated the pages (3 sheets for July, but only 2 for April), then used a hole-punch to punch to holes near the edge. I bound the booklet with 0.8" binder rings (purchased from here.)
I no longer had the April 2017 issue, but one of my favorite toddler stories, "Ready for Church," was in there, so I printed the pages, single-sided, from The Friend's website. I did it single-sided so the ink wouldn't show through on the computer paper. Then I put the sheets back-to-back for laminating. For those pages (which are larger than the magazine pages), I had to hole-punch through the paper as well as the laminating sheets. I suspect that makes it less sturdy in the long-run, but for now it's fine.

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