Saturday, September 23, 2017

Women's Session Coloring Journal

Here is the newest coloring journal I've made for Women's Session of General Conference. This journal won't be outdated until there is a change in the First Presidency.

To assemble your coloring journal(s):

  1. Click here to download the PDF.
  2. Optional--in Preview (Mac users), click on the toolbox, then the text icon to personalize or turn it into an invitation (i.e.-Suzy or [date] [time] pm Ice Cream Social at Stake Center). 
  3. Print double-sided with short-edge binding in black-and-white
  4. Fold the set of pages in half
  5. Bind--ideally use either a long-arm stapler or use a sewing machine with a long (basting) stitch. Use the crease mark as a guide for the center of the books.


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