Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Library List Tuesdays

Another Tuesday, another library visit (if I didn't have to keep returning the previous books, I might stop checking out new ones!) Here we have:
a Spanish picture dictionary (a failed attempt. I can't pronounce with confidence yet)
Ancient History: The Emperor's Silent Army. Actually, we kept this book about the full-size teracotta warrior statues from the previous week.
Read alouds: Choo Choo Clickety Clack. For Little Nephi, of course.
Once Upon a Golden Apple. A dad jumbles fairy tales together into one family story.
Astronaut Handbook. A simple introduction to preparing for different jobs on a space shuttle. Could be used to teach about synergy.
Character/Behavior Training: Good Manners at School. I know, a funny thing to get when school is almost out.
Emily's Magic Words. We read this during a family home evening about manners. I prefer the illustration style in Emily's Everyday Manners, which is also from the Emily Post Institute. Still, this was good because it focused on one little aspect of manners, so we didn't feel overwhelmed trying to improve everything at once.

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