Friday, May 7, 2010

Movie Night: How to Train Your Dragon

We usually stay in for movie night, but we don't often have family in town. So when my parents suggested going to see How to Train Your Dragon, we went.
Usually we stay in the cautious G-rated arena, soliciting Disney and Pixar, so we weren't quite sure what to expect from this Dreamworks movie with a PG rating. Some of the dragons might be scary to preschoolers (go figure--mine weren't fazed). Most of the violence is implied, except for some punches, etc. Our whole family enjoyed it, including myself and my husband.
Rating: the best action-adventure cartoon I've ever seen. I would recommend it especially for families with elementary age children and older. There's enough drama, middle school and high school kids (as well as parents) could go for it, too.
**picture of a two-headed dragon is courtesy of Dash, who also helped make a simple "dragon cake" for after the show.

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