Wednesday, August 3, 2011

All Over the World: Curriculum Objectives

I've spent weeks this summer working on a pet project: a new homeschool curriculum. Inspired by everything from Classical Education models to Charlotte Mason's ideas (I've read the originals, not heresay) to the Sonlight Curriculum to K12 Kindergarten (which I've also taught). This was being written for a somewhat advanced 5/6 year old, with little brother in-tow. It could also be used for a 6/7 year old, or possibly a little older depending on your child and expectations.

My Objectives:
Provide a solid foundation in Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic.
Create a love for people all over the world.
Develop spirituality and a missionary heart.
Create refinement through the arts: fine art lessons, piano lessons, music appreciation, poetry and literature.
Increase enjoyment of nature through exposure and knowledge.

Stay tuned for a list of core materials and an overview of the year!

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