Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scripture Marking: Moses Chapter 1

I wish I could remember which LDS blog I recently stumbled across that had a post on how her children marked their scriptures. I can't. Sorry. But it's been a great inspiration in doing scripture-time with Super K, age 8.
I looked ahead at the scriptures, and broke things down into pieces of the story that he can easily read in one sitting. I tell him how far to read. He does so. Then I open my scriptures to the same place and show him how I marked my scriptures. We keep colored pencils in a pencil pouch, and he spends more time marking some days than he does reading. Now that we're a few pages into this, he's getting excited, and I admit, so am I.

Read Moses 1:1-11;
on vs. 1 draw mountains (i.e.-two inverted "v"s),
on vs. 4, underline "thou art my son"
Read Moses 1:12-23
on vs. 13, underline "I am a son of God . . . Only Begotten,"
on vs. 22, use red to draw a simple angry face (to show Satan's tantrum)
Read Moses 1: 24-35
on verse 33, draw a planet with rings
Read Moses 1:36-42
draw a red box around vs. 39 (scripture mastery);
vs. 41, draw an open book

This took us four sittings to get through, although I must say I think he could read more in one sitting than I've asked of him so far.
Oh, and the Book of Moses we're using is in "The Pearl of Great Price." To read it online, click here.

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