Sunday, August 7, 2011

Minding Manners at Church

Note: Perhaps this proud parenting moment would be less obnoxious to readers if it was written in my journal. As I neglected to bring my journal on vacation, I need another outlet. So I apologize in advance if you came to read something besides this. 

I love seeing my children play together. Sometimes that play needs a lot of Parental Peacemaking, as their interests and abilities overlap so much. For example, two children often want to play with the same toy or game at the same time. A few months ago, I began addressing those conflicts with a gentle-but-firm voice: "After so-and-so does this, then you may have a turn."

Yesterday we were visiting a different church congregation. I was obligated to stay in Primary Sharing Time (children's class) to help Dash and Little Nephi stay. The music leader had just called on "Maddy" to lead "Follow-the-Leader." Mia raised her hand and articulately said, "After Maddy has a turn, may I please have a turn?" while the other 5-year olds jumped up and down saying "Me too! Me too!"

Meanwhile I'm experiencing parental awe--the kind that comes when your child unexpectedly does something flawlessly right--you know, the way you taught her.

Life is good.

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