Monday, February 22, 2016

Family Media Awards Night

Which actress has been nominated for an Oscar?
Which singer will win a Grammy?
Which music video will win a Smith?

What? Didn't you know? February is media awards month; the most infamous of all being Family Media Awards!

Following the media standards in "For the Strength of Youth," our family discussed the animated films and music videos from 2015 (well, the ones we saw, anyway). Then we nominated and voted.
Here is the highly anticipated breakdown of who won a 2015 Family Award!

Family Favorite Full-length Animated Film
Inside Out

Family Favorite Music Video

Best Location for a Music Video 
(filmed around a Scottish castle)

Best Costumes in a Music Video 

Best Special Effects in a Music Video 

Funniest Music Video
(In which Miss Piggy attempts to upstage Lindsey Stirling)

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