Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Vegetable Club

Recently my husband asked me if tomorrow was the day for my Vegetable Club. 
My what?
You know, that thing where you get vegetables.
Oh. The Farmer's Market with a CSA?
Yeah. That.

Well, lucky for the family, this past week I didn't pick up on Friday like I usually prefer to, so we got to go as a family on Saturday. There are some cool statues outside.
 In the back corner of the store is where the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) pick up is located. For $180, we get to pick up for 12 weeks (that's $15 a week). This CSA is menu oriented, so you get all the vegetables and spices you need for two vegetable dishes.
In the past we tried celeriac apple mash. Tonight will be a butternut squash gratin.
 The whole family is hooked on the flavor of the locally grown pink lady apples, so I've stopped buying apples on my regular shopping trips.
 In another corner of the market is a spicery. (Is that a word?) Obviously, the spices aren't local, but they're a lot fresher than what I'm used to, and the price is very close to what I usually pay in the grocery store anyway.
This time I knew to wash out my old spice jars and bring them in (oregano and thyme). The spice lady has a kitchen scale that she can zero out the container weight on when measuring spices. I purchased a little glass jar for the allspice which smells amazing. I can't wait to use it.
While I was in there, another couple was looking at the dried rosebuds, sold by ounce. Turns out their pet rabbit eats them as a special treat. How cool is that?

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