Monday, February 1, 2016

Sunday Journal

Today is my third (and possibly last, for now) Sunday journal post.
This morning started a little rough, with both Mommy and baby battling colds. We were late for Sacrament Meeting again. Arrgh. In a "What Lack I Yet?" moment, I realized that completely, 100% preparing my Sunday School and Relief Society lessons during the week, would make it easier for us to arrive when I plan to.
After church, Cory stayed for Choir practice. I had thought he might drop choir, since it looks like he won't be around for performances this year, but he says it helps him be spiritually ready to start the week.
On the drive home, the kids watched part of The Other Side of Heaven.
When we got home, M carried Baby Q inside (he was awake, having napped during church) and set a pot of water on the stove for lunch. We had Colby Jack Mac 'n Cheese, farmer's market salsa with leftover chips, and sliced apples for lunch. And water. Cory must have put water on the table, because I sure didn't.
After lunch, someone turned on the Wizard of Oz. Not exactly my idea of a Sunday movie, but I didn't stop it either. No one really sat down and watched it from beginning to end, but I think everyone enjoyed the nostalgia of it. S sat at the table folding tiny figures that represented various Harry Potter characters. I think M was reading in her room.

During part of the movie, Q cuddled with his dad, then he toddled around the living area, I suppose enjoying having everyone around.
T mixed up a batch of brownies. Cory gave the okay for a double batch, so we could take a few over to a family he home teaches this afternoon.
I curled up on the couch next to Cory and tried to sleep off my cold for a little bit. Not too long.

Remembering our discussion from last Sunday about purchasing gospel art to hang on our walls, Cory showed my a couple paintings of Jesus he found online that he liked.
After the brownies were out of the oven and the movie done, we told the kids we were going for a Sunday walk to "earn" our brownies and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather. We saw a demolition site, a sick tree that had been chopped down, and some nice houses we live near (but not in). Baby Q did not fall asleep.

After eating brownies, T taught his dad how to play marbles (something they recently learned in Boy Scouts). Baby Q watched and was really excited about it.

Around 5:30, we got in the car to deliver brownies to a family in our ward. The Other Side of Heaven was still playing in the van, and the kids had a lot of questions (I guess it's been a long while since we've watched it before): what is lockjaw? Did he die? Is this real? Why did the 3 girls get on the big boat? M found the movie highly concerning and wanted it turned off. I guess the drama was too realistic for her. She doesn't mind fantasy drama, though. She just finished book 6 of Harry Potter. I don't think she even cried over Dumbledore. It probably helped that she heard that would happen.
When we got home, it was time for dinner. We made rice and sweet and sour meatballs, but let the kids all have a bowl of porridge (with their rice) after they had tasted a bite of the sweet and sour.
S practiced Primary songs on the piano: "Book of Mormon Stories" and "Follow the Prophet."
Then it was time for scriptures and 5 minute chores:

  • K got living room
  • T rinsed all the dishes I had put in the sink
  • M did a bathroom check
  • S did more of the living room

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