Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fast Sunday

What Super K does while
his siblings eat breakfast.
Super K turned 8 this Spring. I was pretty nervous about his first fast Sunday. I mean, going without two meals can be a big challenge for anyone, especially an 8 year old who is always sneaking raisins from the pantry. I would have been willing to ease him into it, just waiting to eat until after church, but we have afternoon church this year, which isn't out until 4 pm. Well, it is what it is.
Surprise! He's had a fairly easy time of it. Thankfully he loves reading books. He's just decided that fast Sunday means curling up with a good book for most of the morning. He doesn't even complain about his 3 younger siblings eating Cheerios in front of him. Then, once we're at church, we're away from any temptations in the pantry; and, because I do really love him, dinner is in the slow cooker and ready to eat as soon as we get home.
Oh, and since fasting without a purpose is just starving yourself, I asked him what he was fasting for. He said, "For Heavenly Father and Jesus to help me do good in Cub Scouts."

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