Monday, September 12, 2011

Playground School

It was supposed to be "bike school" for the day. It almost was. We packed read-alouds, flashcards, workbooks, and our fabric world map (thanks Mom!) in backpacks with snacks and water bottles. Mia and Nephi had biked almost halfway to the park when we realized Mia had left her backpack at home. I wasn't sure if Nephi had the stamina to bike to the park after that, so we just got in the van and drove there.
Little Nephi enjoys his snack while
Mia matches analog time to digital.
The world map? That was for shade.
I can't say it was especially comfortable teaching school at the top of a playground slide . . . but the kids enjoyed the change of pace for the day, which is really what it was for. Maybe next time we'll use playground school as an incentive to do great M-Th, and then go on Friday.

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