Sunday, September 11, 2011

Memorization with the Friend

We've been memorizing scriptures this year with a little help from a friend: The Friend, to be exact.  For the last couple years, the Friend, a children's magazine published by the LDS Church, has included a "Bright Idea" page every month. Each month has a full page illustration to accompany a quote from the Bible, Book of Mormon, or church leaders, such as President Monson.
Unfortuantely, by the end of the month, our used and abused Friend is often only good for the recycling bin (we should get one of those). So . . . we were a little lacking in back-issues when I decided to use these "posters" for family scripture memorization. That's okay. You can print them for free straight from the Friend web-site. I suggest a heavy-weight paper . . . and expect this to take a bit of ink if you want to print them all at once.
We introduce the scriptures during Family Home Evening (Monday nights), then tuck it in our oversized family scriptures, where it gets reviewed every night when we go to read family scriptures. This week I want to use the one from the September Friend, "You are never lost when you can see the temple." from Elder Stevenson of the Seventy.

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