Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Little Mozarts

He put up the "forte" flashcard and
enthusiastically played "forte" up and
down the keyboard.
I wanted to introduce our two youngest to music, both appreciation and learning an instrument, but without doing more than a few minutes practice most days. You know, the "slow and steady" approach.
I chose to start our 5 3/4 year old and nearly 4 year old on Music for Little Mozarts, Level One, simultaneously. Mia said she loves piano practice because she can "color, color, color." I'll have to make her slow down so she doesn't finish all the coloring pages on the second week of lessons.
The both love playing their first song, "Racing Car." We have a CD that accompanies them. Whenever the singer says, "ready, set, zoom!" the children do a glissando up the keyboard. They struggled a lot with their bare hands, so I gave them a small stuffed animal that they drag gleefully up the keyboard.

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